Relationship Services

  • We offer access to legal advice by helping you unravel some of the complexities of family law, criminal justice, and immigration with:

    • Guidance on form-filling and application process
    • Unbundling papers in formal proceedings
    • Note taking
    • Assistance in legal and formal proceedings

  • We offer services to parents and families who find themselves living apart from their children, individual Supervised Child Contact and a Saturday morning Supported Contact Centre.

    If you would like to attend either of these sessions please feel reassured that our trained and professional staff will look after the wellbeing of both you and your child.

  • Help is at hand when family relationships get tough. We have professional staff who can help you with family coaching for younger families aged 0 – 5, and family relationship support for families with young people aged 14 – 21.

    The First for Families Programme (0 – 5) offers help and support for young families when things become difficult. A family coach will visit you at home and help with parenting skills, attendance at appointments, registering with schools, playgroups, doctors and other local services.

    The Rebuilding Families Project (14 – 21) offers help for families where a young person runs the risk of becoming homeless as a result of a breakdown in family relationships. The service is solution focused and starts by unpicking the problem to gain an understanding of what is really going on.

  • We are a specialist service supporting families who experience problems associated with parental separation. We provide an effective approach to support parents, children and young people through the process of separation. We can help you:

    • Reduce the negative emotional impact of separation
    • Reduce the costs associated with family breakdown
    • Improve the emotional well-being of family members
    • Reduce the need to involve the Family Courts/Cafcass
    • Communicate and understand each other more
    • Share parenting arrangements
    • Alleviate the problems associated with the introduction of new partners