Our Mission

  • Is to raise visionary leaders, sustainable businesses, accountable business owners, responsible communities and influential youth & teens consistent with our evolving aspiration.
  • Is to provide and support essential continuing education for nurturing accountable and effective leaders for the sustenance of communities.
  • Is to provide support for children, families and the elderly, who are severely challenged in their pursuits and living conditions through innovative programmes and initiatives.


Clirt’s specific objectives are to:

  • Provide support to the needy and aged by awarding educational scholarships and living grants
  • Contribute to the development of a responsive training market
  • Provide quality, cost effective training
  • Support the training requirements of industry, communities and the youth.
  • Enhance the flexibility of training delivery
  • Create opportunities for those who may otherwise be disadvantaged in their access to vocational and professional training
  • Offer cultural and educational exchange programmes
  • Provide young and retired professionals with internship and mentoring opportunities