About Us

CLIRT Institute (CLIRT) is a charitable organization incorporated under both the laws of Ghana and UK as a company limited by guarantee. CLIRT Institute is authorized to carry on the business of providing training, capacity building, advice and support in various areas including, business, management, law, organizational development, leadership, governance, personal development programmes and youth empowerment programmes to individuals, youth, teens, organizations, managers and business owners. As part of its charitable activities, CLIRT supports the needy and elderly with educational scholarships, health and living support grants.


CLIIRT also provides an opportunity for the youth to participate in our cultural and educational exchange programmes, as well as create a platform for retired professionals to work as interns and mentors in various areas including training, research, advisory capacities, in educational and research institutions; and public and private sector organisations.


CLIRT has, over the years, been involved in giving hands-on training to various groups including youth and young leaders in Ghana; school children in Stoke-on-Trent, UK and African migrants abroad. CLIRT has been an innovative leader in the field of leadership development, capacity building and training in the UK and Ghana for over 7 years, working together with organisations, small businesses, black and minority ethnic businesses, communities, youth leaders and local churches, to empower businesses and communities and youth leaders in their quest to make a difference, maximise profits, improve society and develop to their maximum potential.


CLIRT has an international network of partners, staff and faculty with diverse and multicultural backgrounds, as well as in-depth industry, professional and academic experience.