The Engaging Emerging Leaders

This project seeks to engage some of the most innovative, influential leaders in a mentorship programme to pave the way for the next generation of powerful business executives and captains of industry.

Clirt Institute, in collaboration with its partners, provides a platform to springboard eligible candidates to higher heights. With established leaders mentoring emerging leaders, a transformative development strategy is employed— one that is bound to have both high social impact and high profitability in the market.


  • Encourage individuals from diverse socioeconomic groups to get involved in leadership opportunities.
  • Equip participants with the skills and tools necessary to pursue elected and appointed leadership positions,
  • Increase the number of leaders from diverse socioeconomic groups, and
  • Encourage and assist these candidates in various industries within the Ghanaian economy.


  • To identify potential leaders from the Ghanaian population who are under-represented in various industries and who are interested in leadership development and leadership involvement in the association.
  • To identify Mentors from among experienced business leaders to guide the Emerging Leaders through a 6 month leadership development program as they grow in their leadership within their respective industries.
  • To provide Emerging Leaders with a 6 month leadership development program which will develop their leadership skills for the association.
  • To provide opportunities for Emerging Leaders to reach out to colleagues and peers from under-represented groups and serve as Mentors to future emerging leaders.
  • To provide the support network needed and desired to foster a strong leadership development program for under-represented population within our network.