CLIRT Institute (Clirt) has been an innovative leader in the field of leadership development, capacity building and training for over 7 years, working together with our partners to build communities that invest in youth and give care to the elderly. At Clirt, we believe cultivating engaged and dynamic people today will lead to a more equitable, informed and sustainable society tomorrow. Through our training, capacity building and community development programs, we consistently see people’s deep motivation to challenge and improve their organisations, businesses and societies in which they live. Clirt fosters this passion by providing ways through which people can develop their potentials and channel their talents and skills into effective community change.


Youth & Leadership Development

Youth development is a process that prepares a young person to meet…

Community & Development Centre

Our 2 to 6 weeks programmes offer ample opportunities to take what…

Christian Leadership & Development Centre

This is a certification and non-certification program. It is designed to meet…

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